Lake Nona Smile Design

What is smile design?

Every patient of ours is unique and we believe that they should receive personalized care focused on their individual needs and treatment goals. Our smile design team is lead by Dr. Veneuska Ocando, a highly-skilled and experienced prosthodontist with a passion for aesthetic dentistry, a gentle touch, and an artistic eye.

Dr. Ocando works closely with our oral and maxillofacial facial surgeon, Dr. Andonis Terezides, as well as other dental specialists including orthodontists, endodontists, and periodontists. Dr. Ocando only works with trusted labs and experienced ceramists and technicians to produce consistent results that are often described by patients, their friends and family members, and other dentists as “beautiful, life-like, realistic, stunning, life-changing, amazing, and incredible.”

Conditions we treat with smile design include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or rough surfaced teeth
  • Darkened, discolored, or stained teeth
  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Mildly crooked teeth
  • Fillings that don’t match the color of your teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven gumline around the teeth
  • Teeth covered by too much gum tissue- aka “gummy smile”

Smile design treatments are not just intended to be beautiful; they must be comfortable, long-lasting, and look and feel natural.

A critical aspect of achieving proper and long-lasting results is ensuring that the bite is correctly aligned. This is vital for your comfort while chewing as well as to help prevent wear on your teeth or damage to your restorations. Unaligned bites can lead to TMJ problems, as well as facial pain.

By using time-tested and scientifically-proven techniques along with innovative technology, we are able to improve oral health, rehabilitate diseased mouths, and restore beautiful smiles to our patients.

Smile design often involves one or more procedures to create your new smile, which may include crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, and cosmetic bonding to repair and replace damaged or missing tooth structure. If teeth are no longer restorable or missing, then dental implants may play a role.

As a specialist prosthodontist, Dr. Ocando has undergone several years of accredited advanced post-doctoral residency training in order to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and treat the most complex reconstructive and cosmetic dental cases. Our doctors are experts in Lake Nona prosthodontics and available to guide you through the entire process.

Our team uses dental implant planning and simulation software for precision dental implant placement in order to ensure the desired prosthetic and cosmetic result is achieved.

Attention to detail is very important to us. The diagnostic and preparation phase is the most critical period where we take our time to ensure that we understand your vision and what is necessary to achieve the smile you desire. We use digital x-rays, 3D-cone beam CT scan imaging, high-resolution photos, analog and digital models to replicate your bite, smile design software, and even facial cephalometric principles to simulate and design your various smile design options.

From there, we are able to provide photographic simulation options and even try-in models of your proposed new smile. This gives our patients the opportunity to truly understand and visualize the proposed new smile and, subsequently, have the opportunity to accept the treatment plan or request adjustments. We want to make sure our patients are satisfied before we proceed with definitive treatment.

Interested in a premier smile design consultation with Dr. Ocando? 

To learn more about your options and what can be done to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, please call (407) 553-2894. We also specialize in Lake Nona dental implants.

On the day of your procedure, our surgeons will perform your personalized treatment plan to precisely and accurately place the implants in their optimal positions within your jawbone.

Patients are often pleasantly surprised at how easy the implant surgery process can be. In our office, your comfort is always a top priority. On the day of your procedure, our surgeons will execute your personalized treatment plan to precisely and accurately place the implants in their optimal positions within your jawbone.

If you are having a tooth extracted and the conditions are appropriate, the implant may be placed into the socket during the same procedure. If the tooth is already missing, a small incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the underlying jawbone. The dental implant will then be surgically inserted into the bone. Most of the time, the gum is sutured around a healing abutment attached to the implant that extends through the gum tissue. This is referred to as the “one stage healing” of the implant.

At times, patients may have softer bone or insufficient volume of bone. In these cases, the implant may need to heal beneath the surface of the gum for additional protection. This is referred to as “submerged healing” and requires a second minor surgery 8-12 weeks later to expose the implant after adequate initial healing has occurred.

Some patients may also be candidates for immediate implant teeth. This option allows for the placement of temporary teeth that are immediately secured onto the implant(s) to avoid the need for removable replacements during healing. Patients who receive immediate implant teeth have very strict diet and hygiene regimens for the first 12 weeks that must be carefully followed in order to ensure a successful outcome. Placement of immediate teeth requires pre-operative planning and coordination with our prosthodontist first.

After implant surgery, most patients experience minimal disruption in their daily life. In almost all cases, patients can wear temporary replacement teeth. Most patients can easily return to work within 1-3 days. Postoperative discomfort is usually considered minimal. Although you will have temporary teeth, the bone and gum tissues must first heal completely to the dental implants before the final teeth are fabricated. Implant healing can range from 8 weeks to four months or more depending on conditions such as bone quality, age, underlying medical conditions, and overall ability to heal. We also specialize in Lake Nona wisdom teeth removal surgery.

The Trusted Oral Surgeons in Lake Nona, FL

Our Lake Nona oral surgeons are experts in the diagnosis and management of various conditions of the face, mouth, jaws, and teeth. This expertise spans the full spectrum of their respective specialties in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our specialists have trained at some of the most prestigious universities and institutions across the country and bring years of research, teaching, and cutting-edge clinical experience to our practice. In addition to the Lake Nona area, we also perform oral surgery on patients throughout Laureate Park, Moss Park, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Hart, Orlando, Meadow Woods, Lee Vista, St. Cloud, and Kissimmee.

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