All On 4® Dental Implants in Lake Nona, FL

All-On-Four® Treatment Concept

The process of removing diseased, painful, and failing teeth and replacing them with beautiful dental implants in one day has become one of the most exciting and life-changing treatments available that modern medicine and implant dentistry has to offer. It is commonly referred to as the “All-On-Four®” treatment concept, “Teeth in a Day™”, “Same Day Teeth”, etc. Our oral surgeons are experts in Lake Nona prosthodontics and will guide you every step of the way.

Why choose All-On-Four® implants?

  • Preferred option by most patients who desire a fixed prosthesis (non-removable prosthesis)
  • Usually the best option for those who have bone or tissue loss or compromise in the available bone for implant anchorage
  • No more decay
  • No more painful teeth
  • No more messy denture glue
  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Regain your confidence
  • Avoids expensive bone-grafting procedures in most patients
  • Optimal functionality
  • Provides great aesthetics
  • Often permits same-day teeth


Treatment Timeline


Step 1


Step 2

Treatment Plan Acceptance

Step 3

Traditional Diagnostics & Virtual 3D/Diagnostics

Step 4

Surgical Guide & Temporary Teeth Fabrication (4-6 Weeks)

Step 5

Dental Implant Surgery & Temporary Tooth Delivery (1 or 2 Surgeries)

Step 6

Post-Op Healing & Follow-Up Care (4-6 Months)

Step 7

Prototype Phase (2-4 Months)

Step 8

Definitive Prosthesis Delivery

Dental Implant Alternatives to Traditional Dentures

Our Lake Nona dental implant specialists have several years of experience in oral surgery, implant dentistry, and prosthodontics where they have successfully treated patients with some of the most complex and challenging conditions. Our doctor’s clinical expertise and unique skillsets are a result of their commitment to rigorous multi-year specialist training beyond the completion of dental school. Our specialists have a true passion for their profession and for helping patients achieve their treatment goals. We also provide Lake Nona wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Don’t settle for a lifetime of dentures!

  • Whether you are missing all of your teeth or losing your remaining teeth to gum disease or decay beyond salvage, you no longer have to face a lifetime of dentures!

  • When placed and restored by specialists, dental implants have a success rate greater than 98%.

  • Dental implants have revolutionized the lives of millions of people around the world.

  • Our team of specialist oral surgeons and prosthodontists can help you achieve a confident, pain-free smile, the ability to eat and enjoy your favorite foods, and improved quality of life free of dentures adhesives and the other hassles of dentures!

Which treatment is best for me?

Unlike many of the corporate chains that offer dental implant services by lumping all of their patients together for a “one size fits all” approach, we customize each and every treatment.

We do this by listening to you and taking into account your wishes, desires, concerns, and goals. We complete a thorough medical history, carefully evaluating the condition of your existing teeth as well as the quantity and quality of your available jaw bone to anchor the implants to determine if you are a candidate for dental implant therapy. We study your smile, the dynamics of your bite, your speech, and aesthetic goals, as well as dexterity and the ability to clean and maintain the implant prosthesis. Of course, we also take into account your budget and treatment timelines. Based on this information, we make our recommendations and present you with viable treatment options.

Our complete treatment options include:

High-quality dental implant treatment is not cheap and requires a significant investment, but it is worth it! We believe that everybody with missing teeth should have access to affordable dental implant-supported teeth. Therefore, we’ve simplified the process by offering complete treatments for one flat fee which includes everything needed to achieve a healthy, confident, functional, and attractive smile.

  • Consultation with a Specialist

  • Any necessary extractions

  • Oral Surgeon Consultation with a Specialist Prosthodontist

  • Placement of Top Of The Line Implants

  • X-Rays (Panoramic and Full-Mouth)

  • Temporary/Transitional Teeth

  • 3-D Cone Beam CT Imaging

  • Definitive Restoration

  • 3-D Computer Assisted Planning

  • Routine Post-Treatment Follow-Up/Support

Global Fees & Package Deals

Our dental implant fee structure for full-arch and full-mouth rehabilitation/reconstruction is designed to be simple, transparent, and all-inclusive.

Our global fees and package deals are intended for comprehensive treatment taking place in our office under the care of our Oral Surgeon,

Dr. Terezides, and our Prosthodontist, Dr. Ocando. They work together as a team in providing all forms of dental implant rehabilitation.

• If referred to Dr. Terezides by your general dentist, restorative dentist, or a prosthodontist for oral/dental implant surgery-related procedures, we only quote you for the Dr. Terezides’ portion of the fees. You will incur a separate bill from your referring general dentist or prosthodontist related to your treatment. We encourage you to obtain a written treatment plan and details of your fees regarding any implant-restorative treatment you will undergo outside of our practice.

• We use only the highest quality and most researched implant components from leading companies. We do not use lower quality or cheaper “clone”/“compatible” implants as they lack research and we cannot be certain about manufacturing quality controls and assurance. Cheaper implants may be prone to increased risks of failure, infection, fracture, poor healing, and inability to obtain replacement parts in the future.

• Dental implants and related bone grafting procedures are typically not covered by any insurance plans as they are considered elective and medically unnecessary. There are rare instances where a portion of implant therapy may be covered through a patient’s insurance (as a result of a tumor or automobile accident). You may contact your insurance company to discuss this matter further.

• Beware that just because an insurance representative states that implant therapy is covered doesn’t mean they will pay for the treatment. There are usually several exclusion criteria to keep you from ever receiving any benefits for elective dental implant-related procedures.

• We offer bone grafting procedures when there is inadequate bone support for dental implants. Most bone grafting procedures are possible in our office but some procedures do require treatment in a hospital operating room setting. These procedures are rarely, if ever, covered by dental or medical insurance

• We offer various forms of anesthesia options for your comfort including local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, IV Sedation, and general anesthesia. Your surgeon will determine which options and treatment setting is most suitable and appropriate for your care. Procedures requiring services provided by an anesthesiologist or those requiring treatment in an outpatient ambulatory surgical center or hospital setting carry additional costs from those providers and facilities.

Premier Smile Solutions – All-On-4® Implants Showcase

The Trusted Oral Surgeons in Lake Nona, FL

Our Lake Nona oral surgeons are experts in the diagnosis and management of various conditions of the face, mouth, jaws, and teeth. This expertise spans the full spectrum of their respective specialties in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our specialists have trained at some of the most prestigious universities and institutions across the country and bring years of research, teaching, and cutting-edge clinical experience to our practice. In addition to the Lake Nona area, we also perform oral surgery on patients throughout Laureate Park, Moss Park, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Hart, Orlando, Meadow Woods, Lee Vista, St. Cloud, and Kissimmee.

Our Specialties:

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


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